Scrap My Car in Singapore – Here’s What You Should Note Down

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Selling your car or scrapping it should be a properly calculated decision after weighing all options.

Are you readying yourself for when the date of COE expiry is nearing?

Here are a few recommendations for you to note before scrapping or putting your car on sale.

  1. Prepare as early as 2-3 weeks before COE expiry

Last-minute waiting could incur more costs than you would have anticipated. After COE expiry, you can’t even drive your car on the road. Besides, towing may put some additional expenses. Therefore, at least 2-3 weeks, start looking for quotes from multiple sources and have some lead time in comparing the quotes.

  1. Study supply & demand

Bringing your car to some scrap yard doesn’t mean it’s a done deal. You should study supply and demand to watch out the demand for the make/model of your car for finding a suitable scrap value. How to do this is to consult authorized exporters and ask them what are the current demands.

  1. Car conditions & export

Rather than scrap car Singapore, exporting to a foreign country may pay rich dividends. Nevertheless, this would depend on rebate value, demand, popularity, driving conditions, and a few other factors.

  1. What is the paper value?

We admire your stern approach to scrap my car Singapore, but paper value plays a pivotal role.

The paper value is a result of adding total COE rebate and total PARF rebate. The total rebate sum can be easily assessed by visiting the onemotoring website and filling up the form with just the car plate number and last 4 characters of your ID.

Irrespective of what you do, scrapping your car does involve a lot of hassle for people. You may or may not find time to apply your best efforts for all of this. Therefore, you should choose a professional broker to help you with exporting your car without any hassle or extraordinary paperwork.

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