How does Car Consignment Work?

Car Consignment Singapore

What is Car Consignment?

Some people may not know, but consigning a car is simple. It involves bringing the car to car consignment agent, which their professionals will conduct an appraisal. They will take photos, assess the car condition, look for defects, check out the mileage and ultimately determining the market value of the car. Consignment price is always higher than what dealers offer when they buy used cars. Hence, it is best for sellers who are not urgent in the selling their used car. 

Advertising the car in the Market

The professional agent will proceed to post the photos of the car in the car market, crafting out the perfect advertisement to attract buyers. Marketing the vehicle is essential to get the car sold quickly and at a high price.

Sales talk and Paperwork

Car Consignment agents are professionals in handling all administrative transaction. Agents will do the sales talking and negotiating to potential buyers, after which completing the necessary paperwork to ensure the transaction is smooth sailing. This is important as it saves the hassle of the owner of the car to sell the used car on their own. 

Completion of Sale

Once the car is sold to the buyer. Consignment agents will usually charge a flat fee or a certain percentage of the selling price. This fee is for the services provided by the dealer. However, in the end it is always beneficial for both parties as the original owner of the car gets to sell his used car at a higher price compared to selling to a dealer, and the agent gets to earn money for the services provided. 

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